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The Infowar Casters

Les Martin - @__Wintersoldier
Matt Lyons - @ragequitmatt
Russ Veal - @Russ_Veal

Recent Podcast Episodes
  • Episode 3 - Infowar Invitational
  • Supportware 2 - Link Teams
  • Episode 2 - Team Building
  • Supportware 1 - Camo and Hiding
  • Episode 1 - Infinite Colours
  • Episode 0 - Introduction to Infinity
Episode 3 - Infowar Invitational

Infowar Invitational

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In this show we introduce our new caster - Matt Lyons. Matt tells us about his Aleph and infinity experience and we discuss the Infowar Invitational ITS event at the CWC gaming club. Les goes into his list selection thoughts and runs through the highlights of his games while Russ recounts the day from an organizers point of view.


Supportware 2 - Link Teams

Link Teams

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In this supportware show, we go through the rules on link teams explaining how they work and interact in the rules in detail.

So if you are thinking about using a link team but are worried about the rules you need to learn this show should give you a good foundation to work from.

Episode 2 - Team Building

Team Building

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In this show the infowar casters discuss the new releases from Corvus Belli, We also talk about the recent article on the Infinity website blog from Lawni about his JSA tournament list with some advice on list writing.

We also discuss link teams in depth after a listener contacted us asking for hints on how to deal with Link Teams. Finally we touch on some games we had at a gaming weekend we had recently.

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Useful Links

Link to Article - II Interplanetary 2nd Classified Player's Commented Army List

Supportware 1 - Camo and Hiding

Camo and Hiding

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Here the Infowar casters discuss the rules around Camo and Marker states we touch on other areas of the game which interact with these rules.

This show has some advice and clarification on pitfalls we came up against when we started playing Infinity 3rd Edition as well as some advice on how to play with and play against Camo troops.

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Episode 1 - Infinite Colours

To Infinite Colours and Beyond! - First ITS experience

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The Infowar casters discuss our first ITS experience at Infinite colours event at colours.

We discuss our lists and concerns going into our first event and talk through how we prepared for the event.

We give detailed accounts of the scenarios and our games reflecting on the event and what we would do different.

Finally we discuss our lists and what we would change if we could play the event again.

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Episode 0 - Introduction to Infinity

In Introduction to Infinity 3rd Edition

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Want to know more about infinity and how to get into it? then this show is for you!

We discuss the basics of the game and talk through our experience with Operation Icestorm.

Give a run down of the factions available and a rough outline of theie back story (or fluff).

Finally we discuss the resources out there to get into the game and talk through what we did to learn the game and offer some advice for new players.

If you already play Infinity we recommend you skip this show.

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